Leman Academy of Excellence is a school that takes the life’s work of its founder, Dr. Kevin Leman and puts the techniques together in a classroom setting. The philosophies, mission and core values in our Pre-k program mirror those found in every Leman Academy of Excellence classroom.

We believe each child is born a unique person and has special gifts to share with the world. We set standards, teach age appropriate skills and believe we are a partner in the learning process with you as the parent. We provide a safe environment that encourages children to express themselves, learn and have a lot of fun.

Though the program says "fun" to the children, we take our responsibility to parents seriously. We set clear developmental objectives so we know where we’re going; we measure each child’s progress so you can rest assured.

Learning Cleverly Disguised as Play

Your child is entering a period of incredible development, and his or her needs are unique:

  • Enjoys games, stories, songs
  • Wants to touch, taste, feel, smell
  • Imaginative, creative
  • Short attention span

Teaching Methods

  • Guided exploration and discovery
  • Use of tactile objects to illustrate an idea
  • Singing, changing, reciting, coloring, drawing, painting, building
  • Use of body movement
  • Short creative projects
  • Show and Tell, drama, hear/read/tell stories
  • Field trips
  • Introduction of letters, numbers and shapes

Should I Enroll in Preschool?

Dr. Leman has written about and the role of early childhood education for over 30 years. As a nationally known author, child and family therapist and lecturer he’s had the opportunity to see first hand how his ideas and techniques change families. In his Pre-School and K-8 he has been able to incorporate:

  • Birth Order techniques in seating and in dealing with specific children’s personalities.
  • Understanding the Powerful Child and techniques to avoid power struggles and establish relationship based techniques that model the behavior we want from children.
  • The use of Vitamin N or “no” from time to time and Vitamin E for “Encouragement” are interregnal in our scholars daily lives. The teachers and staff learn the difference between praise and encouragement when dealing with our children.
  • Discipline and steering a child to behavior that we want them to model is probably the most important component of a Leman Academy school. Our teachers do not use reward and punishment systems like putting their name on the board or getting stickers for good behavior. Dr. Leman’s philosophy revolves around establishing a relationship with the child and teaching the child to do what is expected because they WANT to, not because of a reward or punishment. The idea is to expect the behavior and come around the scholar positively with they model what is expected and gently correct the behavior we don’t want.

As you debate the choice of your child being ready or not, here are some articles to reference to help make your decision.

Top Ten List on Why Preschool Is Important »

Top Ten List on Why Preschool Is Important »

How Do You Know Classical Education Works?

Classical education, has a track record that cannot be touched by any other type of education. Classical instruction has educated scholars for nearly 2000 years. Most of our country’s Founding Fathers were educated classically.

Leman Academy of Excellence is part of a growing movement to recapture classical education. There are now hundreds of classical schools in the U.S., and scholars graduating from them are moving on to college more than prepared for their studies and experiences. More importantly, classically trained young adults are equipped with intellectual tools that other educational methodologies neglect to develop.

Classical education has been the dominant type of education in the Western world since the time of ancient Greece and Rome.

A Classical Education Stimulates the Mind
A classical education takes a back-to-the-basics approach to curriculum. Scholars immerse themselves in basic subjects such as History, Science, Math, and English while also studying Logic, and Rhetoric.

A Classical Education Enhances Analytical Skills
A classical education is based on reason. It is the liberal arts curriculum required to be a literate and informed citizen. Classical education encourages the search for truth in all its complexities and mysteries. Scholars learn to recognize how areas of knowledge relate to one another and use this as the basis for critical thought.

What is the Classical Method of Teaching?

Methodology in classical schools, including Leman Academy of Excellence, is modeled after Dorothy Sayers’ ideas in “The Lost Tools of Learning.” Sayers identified three learning stages in children and suggested the classical trivium provided an appropriate teaching style for each stage. The trivium is the historical pedagogy of the church and other ancient cultures. It is a method that has been well investigated from many angles and stood the test of time.

The trivium stages are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Also described as the three types of learning: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, which correspond with the trivium.

Grammar Stage
The first part of the trivium, Grammar, is implemented in grades K-6. Children are developmentally equipped to memorize quickly, easily, and joyfully during this period, so the focus is on teaching scholars the grammar of a subject – its structure, rules, and vocabulary. For instance, they learn times tables in math class, names of rivers in geography, and verb endings in Latin. They do this by rote memorization, chanting, and singing. It may seem monotonous to an adult, but children at this age enjoy it.

Grammar in Pre-K
There is a subset of the Grammar stage for pre-K through 2nd grade (Early Grammar). At this stage rote learning is balanced with a greater emphasis on developing the habit of attention, hands-on exploration, and active learning through movement and song.

Math in Pre-K
Children in our Pre-K program will work with Saxon math Kindergarten text books. Our K-8 program is accelerated and scholars are studying Saxon at one grade level higher than the grade they are enrolled. The Pre-K scholars studying Kinder math will help them prepare for our accelerated program.

Logic Stage
In the next stage, called Logic, the facts memorized in the Grammar stage are linked together to become understood. This corresponds to the middle school or junior high years. Scholars at this age are not content with the “what” of a subject, but now turn their thoughts to the “why,” the reasons, causes, and rationale behind the “what.” This can manifest itself as questioning, debating, or arguing. The object then is to use that natural mindset to train them into scholars who can reason and argue rightly. This is done not so they can grasp power by besting others in argument, but rather so they can correctly assess new ideas when they are encountered, accepting or rejecting them.

Rhetoric Stage
Finally, during the high school years when children become young adults and seek to express themselves, the classical method moves to the Rhetoric stage. Scholars learn to synthesize information from many sources in order to discern truth, form opinions, and articulate positions. There is a formal rhetoric class, but moreover, every course emphasizes public speaking, writing, and presentation. The goal is to take the scholars beyond knowing truth to sharing it.

What is the Core Curriculum of Leman Academy?

Leman Academy’s classical educational program has a strong curricular focus on the academic foundations of history, grammar, and mathematics:

Subject areas (science, literature, art and music) of our classical educational program are linked to history studies and taught around the time period under study in history.

English Language Arts
Includes Shurley English, Journeys, Sitton Spelling along with rich literature selections. We will provide 80 minutes of daily instruction in grades K-6, 60 minutes in 7th grade.

Saxon Math
Will be taught at an accelerated level. Kindergarten, for example, will begin with Saxon Math 1. We will provide 45 minutes in Kindergarten and 60 minutes of daily instruction in grades 1-7.

What Other Subjects are Offered Besides the Core Curriculum?

We have included in our educational program a comprehensive and rich curriculum that looks to educate the whole child by offering Art, Music, and Physical Education (P.E.).

Why is Latin Mandatory?

Latin study is a defining feature of a Classical education because it is the foundational operating language for western civilization. At Leman Academy, we begin Latin education in the third grade. A proper understanding of western culture cannot be achieved without knowledge of the culture’s chief language. Other pragmatic benefits are also gained by Latin study. As roughly fifty percent of English words are derived from Latin, its study has the added benefit of increasing scholars’ English comprehension (as evidenced in higher verbal scores on standardized tests). Also, Latin scholars are able to learn other Romance languages more quickly, as up to eighty percent of those vocabularies come from Latin.

Classical Curriculum

History study at Leman Academy of Excellence is broken into four time periods: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern. Teachers take an integrated approach, where the time period under study influences the topics not only in history class, but also English, music, art, etc.

An integral part of understanding a culture is knowing the language of the people. Since Latin is the foundational operating language for western civilization, it is taught at Leman Academy or Excellence beginning in third grade.

Leman Academy scholars study famous western philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle. Much of our modern thinking comes from their schools of thought.

Outcomes of Classical Education

The classical approach prepares scholars for lifelong learning. The building blocks of grammar, logic, and rhetoric result in graduates who understand how to approach new subjects – they have learned how to learn. Further, they have done so in the context of joy, where a love of learning is freely modeled and shared.

Graduates are equipped to pursue excellence and model servant leadership within their spheres of influence and as their role instructs, starting with their homes, churches, workplaces, and communities.

source Logo School – Moscow ID

source Logo School – Moscow ID

A Classical Education Corresponds with Developmentally Appropriate Learning

During the elementary stage, children learn the grammar of a subject. Excited [A progression of songs and chants] to learn new and interesting facts, scholars easily acquire the basic knowledge of each subject. Middle school [Give me Liberty or Give Me Death] aged children are eager to question, probe and seek the answers that the Logic component of the Trivium demands. High school scholars seek to communicate and express themselves with those around them. Their ability to synthesize information and create a cogent argument lends itself to successful learning in the Rhetoric phase. By taking advantage of these three stages of a child’s growth, the Trivium complements how a child naturally learns.

What Parents Say About Dr. Leman’s Techniques

By Dad on August 8, 2014
"Our son has been nicknames Dinosaur Grayson at preschool and not because he is the cute cuddly purple dinosaur but more the grumpy short armed T-Rex that seems to always want to let every one else around hear him roar. We were at our wits ends and were reacting to him with the school yard variety reactions where he did something and we in our frustrated manner shot right back with something nonsensical or adult for that manner. Kids need boundaries and sometimes finding out how to put those up is a struggle as a parent. Now being a dad of multiple kids I thought I had this down, nope. They all come with a challenge.

This book has some very real world application for us parents to use with that difficult child. There were too many times where we were feeding into Dinosaur Grayson's tantrums and out bursts and this book gives you some very good guidelines to follow. I have to say that it has helped us tremendously on dealing with him because it was not just affecting us but every one in the family as well as my wife and I's relationship. If you are struggling with your little one's power for dominance buy the book and help get your power back. It really is not that hard and with all of the other things that we have to deal with in today's fast paced world we could use some help and direction. I wish you luck and hope you find the book as gratifying as I did.”

By Carmen Jordenon December 23, 2013
"I am 3/4 way through reading this book. My 4 yr old son was acting out (anger) in his PreK class. We had tried taking away things he enjoyed & even spankings, but nothing was consistently working! So far, I have tried the techniques Dr Leman suggest in this book & I have seen a difference on a consistent basis! His approach is realistic & uses common sense. He made me see & approach situations different to get better results! And my eyes were opened to some of the manipulating ways of my son!"

Should be called new kid by Thursday!
By irish girl on March 8, 2008
"This book saved me. What is more embarrassing than your mother-in-law buying you a book on parenting, but I was so desperate I picked it up and read it in 2 nights. I started implementing the ideas immediately and get this....I saw an instant change in my daughter's behavior! I was in this huge battle with her everyday and didn't even see how wrong I was to try and do battle with a 3 year old, but she is so strong-willed and I dug my heels in. I was going about it all wrong. I am so incredibly grateful for this book! I started reading it on Saturday night and saw such a significant change in her behavior by Thursday!! I liked how the book gave very specific and useful techniques and how I didn't ever get mad or angry like I was before. I just needed to refine my skills. I have read Dr. Leman's book, Sheet Music, and now I can say I'm a fan. Sheet music saved my marriage, and this book saved my relationship with my daughter. I would highly recommend it!"

Where was this book 4 years ago???
By loves to read on March 12, 2008
"I battled my daughter for years over the same issues: getting her up for school on time, getting her to eat and fighting with her over bedtime. I read Dr. Leman's book in one sitting, got excited about the prospect of having a different child on my hands and was simply amazed at the turn around in my daughter Jessica. Following the simple principles of this book encouraged me that I can continue to be a good mom, feeling good about myself for not having to yell and scream like I have for years. I have a daughter who I KNOW feels better about herself because of the changes I've made as a mom. My husband travels and won't be home until Fri. and I can't wait for him to see the difference in our daughter. I felt compelled to write this and I'm telling all of my friends at my daughter's gymnastic class about the positive changes in my life."

A Must Read for Parents!
By Carole Smithon April 11, 2015
"I heard Dr. Leman on the radio and was impressed so bought this book. My children were grown but I thought perhaps they could use it with the grandchildren. I gave a copy to my daughter who is a 5th grade school teacher. She applied Dr. Leman's principles in her class and won Teacher of the Year at her school that year. Her school principal was so impressed with it, she bought a copy for all the others teachers to use. Since then, I have bought several more copies for other parents in our extended family. Simple and effective for grade school age kids."

5.0 out of 5 stars just started but it's working!
By Heather J. Hemmeron January 13, 2015
"We have a blended family including my four year old and my husbands eight year old boy and twelve year old girl. All good, polite kids. Mason, my four year old is a sweet, loving little guy but boy does his energy rule the roost! This book really helped me realize what I have to change about myself in helping him navigate his feelings, learn tools to handle frustration and to no longer give life to power struggles and tantrums!"