Full-Day Kindergarten Program

Parents of children who meet the enrollment requirements (age five by September 1) for voluntary Kindergarten program at Leman Academy of Excellence will have the opportunity to place their child in a full-day Kindergarten instructional program.

The state of Arizona only provides funding for half-day Kindergarten. Leman Academy wants to partner with our parents by offering a full-day Kindergarten program of instruction to give parents a choice that will best meet their family and child’s needs, as well as give parents an opportunity to explore the two options (half-day & full-day) in order to determine which option might be best for their child as he/she first enters Kindergarten and all of its expectations.

Therefore, Leman Academy of Excellence will provide an optional fee-based, full-day Kindergarten to the families of Leman Academy if there is a demand and the parents are seeking such an option for their child. The full-day Kindergarten program monthly fee is listed below. When selecting this option, the parent/guardian may choose to pay monthly, semi-annually or choose the yearly option and pay in full. If parents choose the yearly option we ask that payment be made prior to the start of the school year and for parents choosing the semester option, we ask that payments be made prior to the start of the school year and the start of the second semester in January.

Full-Day Kindergarten Payment Options
Monthly Option - $315.00 (due the 10th of every month)
Semester Option - $1,496.25 (5% discount for pre-payment)
Yearly Option - $2,677.50 (15% discount for pre-payment)


Late Payment Penalty.  In addition to the original tuition amount, if payment is not made within 10 days of the due date, a late payment penalty of $25 shall be applied.  If any payment by Parent/Guardian remains unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days following the due date, Leman Academy of Excellence may terminate full-day kindergarten attendance and the scholar will be placed in half-day Kinder.