Why are Donations Important?

Leman Academy parents are delighted to know their children are enjoying a private-school experience in a public-school setting. This doesn’t just happen. To recruit, develop and retain top teachers … to provide music, art and after-school activities not generally available in public schools … to maintain our state-of-the-art campus, we depend heavily on financial support from the Academy’s parents, grandparents and friends. There are 3 great ways for you to support the young people in our school.

Choose How You Would Like to Donate

Arizona Teachers Recognition Program


Leman Academy of Excellence offers a rigorous, Classical Education based on the traditions of Western culture where all disciplines are interrelated allowing scholars the ability to think independently and critically. In order to fulfill our mission, we need great teachers, and with your help, we hope to recognize these amazing educators by showering them with our appreciation.

The Teacher Recognition Program allows us to honor the commitment and dedication of our Leman Academy of Excellence teachers through professional education opportunities and awards. Please consider making a donation to our teacher in-service day held annually in November so we can honor these hard-working, dedicated teachers.

Royal Teachers Fund

donation-teacher-imgOur No. 1 fundraising priority is the Royal Teachers Fund. Research shows that a quality teacher is the single-most significant factor in student success, far outweighing class size. Dr. Leman puts it simply: “To be a great school we need great teachers.” The Royal Teachers Fund will be used to recruit, develop and retain top teachers with salary supplements, awards and professional education.

Arizona Tax Credits

after-school-generalThe Arizona Public School Tax Credit Program enables us all to direct a portion of our state income tax to Leman Academy. Donations made directly to the school qualify for a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state return. Couples filing jointly may claim a tax credit of up to $400. Individual taxpayers may claim up to $200. State law requires these gifts be used for extra-curricular activities and other character-enrichment programs.

Wherever Most Needed

donation-whenever-imgDonations to the Leman Academy General Fund will support a wide range of programs and activities that are not fully funded by the school’s annual budget. This account will enable administrators to use your donation where it is most needed to ensure your children receive a private-school experience in this extraordinary public school.

Leman Academy Central Tucson Boosters

donation-teacher-imgA parent led, parent run volunteer organization founded to support the Central Tucson campus programs and teachers. A significant portion of the money raised will be donated to the Royal Teacher's Fund at the end of the school year.